I have always been fascinated by nature.

From a young age I have loved learning about our planets bio-diversity and subsequently spent a lot of time outside exploring and adventuring. I have been lucky enough to have found a partner who loves adventure as much as I do, if not more. Together we have explored and documented wild landscapes and the creatures that inhabit them across the globe. 

I strongly believe in conservation not only for the next generations to enjoy, but for the planet as a living entity in its own right. In the past I have donated to various conservation charities. I wanted to come up with a way to give back to the very thing that has had such a great inspiration on not only my art and image making but my life as a whole. I've decided I can do that by committing to donate a minimum of $10 from any product sold via my online store to the Conservation Council of WA
Every little bits counts.
Below are some images collected over the years. 
Enjoy your next adventure!